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Antique Chinese silk embroidery Filial Piety

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In Confucianism, Filial Piety is the important virtue and primary duty of respect, obedience, and care for parents and elderly family members.  

Wang Xiang lived in the Western Jin Dynasty (AD 265-316). His mother died when he was young. His stepmother didn't treat him well and often spoke ill of him in front of his father. Because of this, he also lost the love of his father. But when his parents were ill, he took care of them carefully. One cold winter day, his stepmother wanted to eat fresh fish. He took off his clothes and lay on the frozen river to melt the ice with his body. The ice melted and two carp leaped out. He took them home and his stepmother was moved (extract from "Four stories from 24 Filial Exemplars", a classic Confucian text by Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) scholar Guo Jujing

Silk embroidered panel in black silk mount, framed and glazed, approx 35 1/2" x 25 1/2", has label to reverse with date of 1936 and very slightly different version of story, label also has impressed mark

slightly faded otherwise very good condition for age and fragility