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Pair Victorian beaded footstools Hellebores (Christmas Roses)



Lovely blue wool tapestry background, glass bead decoration in form of Hellebores (Lenten or Christmas Roses), Snowdrops and foliage, lovely tones of purple, lilac, white and green, mahogany stepped base, each with three turned feet.  Each stool approx 12" diameter and 4 1/2" high

I have replaced braid around edge in complementary tones or purple, green and cream, buyer may be able to improve join in braid so will include short section of spare braid.  

generally good condition, tapestry and beadwork original but a few stitches and beads missing, I have replaced braid trim, where two ends overlap glue has darkened fabric, I will include spare braid so buyer may be able to improve, please see photos and ask if more required